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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Worlds Fastest Animals - Top 10 Worlds Fastest Animals

The Fastest Animals in the World (Land Based Animals)Top 10 Worlds Fastest Animals List1. Cheetah - 70 (mph) - 113 (km/hr)2. Pronghorn antelope - 61 - 983. Lion - 50 - 804. Thomson's gazelle - 50 - 805. Wildebeest - 50 - 806. Springbok - 50 - 807. Quarter horse - 47.5 - 768. Cape hunting dog - 45 - 729. Elk - 45 - 7210. Coyote - 43 - 69===================================Top 10 Worlds Fastest AnimalsFastest Running Animal Cheetah - 1Fastest Running Animal Cheetah - 1World Fastest Animal Pronghorn Antelope - 2World Fastest Animal Pronghorn Antelope - 2Fastest Running Animal Lion - 3Fastest Running Animal Lion - 3Fastest Animal Thomsons Gazelle - 4Fastest Animal Thomsons Gazelle - 4World fastest animals wildebeest - 5World fastest animals wildebeest - 5World Fastest Animal Springbok - 6World Fastest Animal Springbok - 6World Fastest Animal Quarter Horse - 7World Fastest Animal Quarter Horse - 7World Fastest Animal Cape Hunting Dog - 8World Fastest Animal Cape Hunting Dog - 8World Fastest Animal Elk - 9World Fastest Animal Elk - 9World Fastest Animal coyote - 10World Fastest Animal coyote - 10The Worlds Fastest Animals VideoVideo Views - 753,591

Octopus Paul Dead, Miracle Octopus Paul Dead - Photos and Pics

Octopus Paul Dead, Miracle Octopus Paul Dead - Photos and PicsOctopus Paul DeadOctopus Paul DeadThe beloved and internationally known Paul the Octopus died in the night of October 25. Photo by EPA/BGNESPaul the Octopus, who became a World Cup phenomenon after predicting correctly all Germany's matches and the World Cup final, has died.The news was announced by the Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany. The staff said they were "devastated" to learn that Paul had passed away during the night, BBC reports."We are consoled b the knowledge that he enjoyed a good life here and that the care provided him by our dedicated displays team could not have been better," said Stefan Porwoll, manager of the aquarium, as cited by ESPN.Octopuses rarely live beyond two years. Said to have been born in 2008, his death was not unexpected.Paul gained international fame this summer during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, where he correctly predicted all games involving Germany and also picked Spain to win the final over the Netherlands.Before each game Sea Life staff helped Paul make his prediction by lowering two boxes of food into his tank, one carrying a German flag and the other bearing that of their opponents. The case he opened first was adjudged to be his predicted winner. (Information Courtesy by Octopus Paul Dead - Photos and PicsVideo Of Paul the Octopus is Dead - Video Views 18,900World Cup Oracle Paul the Octopus dies

Cows Photos, Indian Cows Photos - Animals Zoo Park

Indian Cows PhotosIndian Cows PhotosIndian CowIndian CowCows PhotoCows PhotoIndian Cows PhotoIndian Cows PhotoCow Photo Animals Zoo ParkCow Photo Animals Zoo ParkIndian Cows PhotoIndian Cows PhotoCow PhotoCow Photo

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cute Baby Animals 18, Baby Animals Cute Pictures Gallery

We displayed below 18 Animals Zoo Park Cute Baby Animals Pictures Gallery Beautiful PhotosCute Baby AnimalsCute Baby AnimalsBaby Animals Cute PictureBaby Animals Cute PictureBeautiful Cute Baby Animal PictureBeautiful Cute Baby Animal PictureCute Pictures GalleryCute Pictures GalleryBaby Animal Cute PictureBaby Animal Cute PictureBeautiful Baby AnimalBeautiful Baby AnimalBeautiful Cute Baby Animals Photo gallery Pictures

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wild Animals, Wild Animals Pictures and Photos

Wild Animals Zebras PictureWild Animals Zebras PictureWild Animals Elephant PictureWild Animals Elephant PictureRhinos Pictures of AnimalsRhinos Pictures of AnimalsPictures of Animals GirafeesPictures of Animals GirafeesBuffalo Wild Animal PictureBuffalo Wild Animal Picture

Monday, October 11, 2010

Amazing Photography Contest Galleries PIctures from National Geographic 2010

National Geographic 2010 Amazing Photography Contest Galleries PicturesSleeping Lion PictureSleeping Lion PictureJellyfish PictureJellyfish PictureBrown Bear PictureBrown Bear PictureBrown bear, Buskin River, Kodiak Alaska 100912-152aPhoto and caption by James Haskins -This bear had been fishing in the river on this morning. It climbed onto the bank and laid down in the grass. This photo was taken about an hour after sunrise just as the sun was starting to clear the trees. The temperature was near the dew point and steam was rising off its body. It didn’t seem at all concerned by the fishermen in the river or the photographer on the bank.Amazing PhotographyPhotographyPelicans Birds PhotoPelicans Birds PhotoAncon Peru flying pelicansPhoto and caption by Ana Maria Garcia MonteroAncon has a group of islands where different kinds of birds (aves guaneras) make their home.. This image freeze a moment when one wave strikes to the rock where this two pelicans were resting, making them to fly in between the water..Amazing Photography PictureAmazing Photography PictureNational Geographic 2010 PictureNational Geographic 2010 PictureAmazing PhotographyNational Geographic 2010 Photography2010 Amazing Picture2010 Amazing PicturePhotographyPhotography

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