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Monday, October 11, 2010

Amazing Photography Contest Galleries PIctures from National Geographic 2010

National Geographic 2010 Amazing Photography Contest Galleries PicturesSleeping Lion PictureSleeping Lion PictureJellyfish PictureJellyfish PictureBrown Bear PictureBrown Bear PictureBrown bear, Buskin River, Kodiak Alaska 100912-152aPhoto and caption by James Haskins -This bear had been fishing in the river on this morning. It climbed onto the bank and laid down in the grass. This photo was taken about an hour after sunrise just as the sun was starting to clear the trees. The temperature was near the dew point and steam was rising off its body. It didn’t seem at all concerned by the fishermen in the river or the photographer on the bank.Amazing PhotographyPhotographyPelicans Birds PhotoPelicans Birds PhotoAncon Peru flying pelicansPhoto and caption by Ana Maria Garcia MonteroAncon has a group of islands where different kinds of birds (aves guaneras) make their home.. This image freeze a moment when one wave strikes to the rock where this two pelicans were resting, making them to fly in between the water..Amazing Photography PictureAmazing Photography PictureNational Geographic 2010 PictureNational Geographic 2010 PictureAmazing PhotographyNational Geographic 2010 Photography2010 Amazing Picture2010 Amazing PicturePhotographyPhotography


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