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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wild Dogs Photo Gallery Pics and Info - Animals Zoo Park

Snarling African Wild Dog PicsSnarling African Wild Dog PicsAfrican wild dogs hunt antelope and wildebeests in packs and often have to defend their kills from hyenas and lions.Dingo Pup Foraging for Food PhotoDingo Pup Foraging for Food PhotoThey are usually born five to a litter, and the pups will stay with their parents until they are ready to hunt on their own, at around six to eight months of age.Adult African Wild Dog Greets PupAdult African Wild Dog Greets PupNose to nose, a curious youngster approaches an adult African wild dog.African Wild Dog PhotoAfrican Wild Dog PhotoKnown as African wild, painted, or Cape hunting dogs, these endangered canines closely resemble wolves in their pack-oriented social structure.African Wild Dogs Gallery PicsAfrican Wild Dogs Gallery PicsA group of young African wild dogs play with an adult. Pups stay with the family, sometimes cared for by older or injured dogs while other adults hunt.Wild Dog Gallery PicsWild Dog Gallery PicsDingoes, though generally associated with Australia, likely originated from Southeast Asia and were introduced to Australia about 3,000 years ago.Asiatic Wild DogAsiatic Wild Dog PictureA dhole, or Asiatic wild dog, prowls India's Bandipur National Park.


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